The Facts:

* Horsepower only use cab and platform chassis which are built by leading European automotive manufacturers and crash tested accordingly. Meaning the cab and the platform are built by either Renault, Vauxhall, Fiat, Peugeot or Citreon, with the choice of new or second hand. We do NOT opt for the cheaper alternative of using a Peugeot cab where a 3rd party attaches the platform which is popular in the motorhome industry. Would you buy a car where the front was built by an automotive manufacturer but the back wasn't?

* Our UK coach builder, Kevin Parker, is an active member of VBRA (Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association) and he has an impeccable record in the UK. Please feel free to visit his website www.kevinparkerhorseboxesltd.co.nz . We also personally visit the UK annually to ensure that our vehicles are not only market leading here, but at the forefront of design and quality in the most competitive market that is Europe.

* Air suspension is fitted to all uprated 3.9t chassis, and is an option on new 4t and bigger chassis to further improve the ride for the horses and passengers. It also enables you to lift the rear overhang for undulating paddocks. Choice of GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) from 3.5t to 4.5t depending on loaded weight required.

* Horsepower bodies are built from the platform up specifically to carry horses, they are not a van or motorhome conversion. Van chassis are NOT suitable for carrying 3 horses, even if on paper they can take the weight. Every reputable coach builder will tell you that due to their high centre of gravity, an abrupt movement to one side and the sudden shift of weight of 3 horses could possibly roll the vehicle. It is not a risk we would let our clients take, and recommend they opt for a wider 7.5t chassis for 3 or more horses.

* We never allow a window in the bulkhead wall (the wall between the horses' back ends and the cab) as it diminishes the integrity and strength of the strongest part of the vehicle. Independent engineers have voiced concern over this practice, and with a camera in the horse area it isn't necessary. Our bulkhead wall is fully reinforced and lined with inch thick rubber which acts as sound insulation and protection for those kickers!

* Our external moulds and sides are seamless with no visual rivets or vertical seems – looks better and lasts longer.

* As standard, we include the best new all-terrain tyres (psi of 70) with strengthened alloys specific for the job. The tyres are filled with Pucturesafe which is said to reduce chances of a blow-out by about 95%, as well as increase their lifespan.

* Our horse area is fully sealed with Coat-X slip resistant surface. It is a polyurea spray with rubber content which has been British Safety Standard Tested (BS 7976-2) as being superior to rubber matting in both wet and dry conditions. No seepage, no rotting, no lingering manure smells, and water-blaster friendly!

* Horsepower 'invented' the sliding partition which is market leading and ideal for different sized horses or mare and foal. You can also push it flush to the driver-side wall for a stable or motorhome use without the horses.

* Easy lift split ramp with barn doors. No overhang door for horses to hit their heads on when loading, and no one piece ramp with poor weight. No exposed ramp springs or gas struts which weather badly. Also, we always fit the ramp to the passenger side of the vehicle; in the unfortunate event of a breakdown it is dangerous to be offloading horses into the path of passing traffic.

* Research shows the biggest stress factors when travelling horses is sound and vibration, which is why we make every effort to minimize them. Coat-X is used on atomic submarines for sound proofing so ideal for reducing road noise on our vans, and our head divider is held back by a magnet so no rattling, as with our partition locking system.

* New opening breast bar option for easy walkthrough, rather than having to duck through the groom's door. Telescopic design so as not to loose structural strength.

* The Horsepower living area is built for it's purpose and to last. NO wood cabinetry which chips easily or swells with the tiniest amount of water, and all edges covered in aluminum for durability and style. Quality leather look upholstery with thick comfortable squabs for sleeping.

* Choose literally any external paint color - top quality metallic paint finish ideal for NZ conditions, and internal upholstery color and piping of your choice.

* On average we spend NZ$20,000 more on our builds than other UK built horse vans available in NZ, and we are not NZ$20,000 more expensive. We encourage all potential buyers to compare what's out there first hand to see the difference in design features and quality of finishing, and to ensure they get the right vehicle to suit their needs.

* FACT – there are more Horsepower NZ horse vans on New Zealand roads than any other UK built horse van. Our clients did their research and chose accordingly, and our vehicles speak for themselves. We welcome any questions and look forward to providing more facts about our vehicles.