The Horsepower Day Box is designed to carry x2 big horses safely and comfortably. One person can do everything on their own, from loading to closing the easy-lift ramp, and stress-free driving on a standard car licence. This model has a day living area with a rear access door, bench seat, wardrobe, and the option of adding a sink and hob if required. There is also a large external tack locker, and a complimentary 40ltr high pressure horse wash courtesy of Waterboy NZ.

- 6.07m in length, 3m ground to roof, 2.4m internal height, 2m internal width.
- 1.6t payload on a 3.9t chassis of your choice.
- Air suspension
- Specifically weighted alloys, truck all-terraine tyres (instead of original van tyres), filled with Puncturesafe, said to reduce the likelihood of a blow-out by 95%.
- Easy close split ramp with hidden ram so no exposed springs or struts, and barn doors.
- Loading gates to guide when loading and secure horses when lifting the ramp.
- Ramp and horse area coated in Coat-X - a superior anti-slip surface which fully seals the horse area so no seepage or rotting. Water-blaster friendly and don't hold the 'horsey smell' like rubber does.
- Unique sliding partition with multiple locking positions to suit different sized horses and mare and foal
- Padded horse area and partition, and inch thick rubber kick board
- Solid from breast bar to flooor with groom's door and optional anti-weeve bars for extra safety
- Roof vent and x3 opening windows
- Storage space above luton
- Tack area seat and wardrobe with hanging pole
- LED interior lights
- 40ltr Waterboy portable washer
- Large exterior tack locker with x2 saddle racks and bridle holders
- Full exterior rear moulding with top lights, rear access door
- Metallic paint of your choice with standard vinyl graphics

Contact us for a list of Optional Extras in addition to the above specification, and you can also opt for certain Downgrades to reduce the price