Horse vans, including our 'Day Box' and 'Weekender' models have been designed specifically to transport horses with only the requirement of a car driving licence. Horsepower NZ horse vans can be built on a choice of chassis, both new and used, to suit your budget and needs, from 3.5t GVM to 5t GVM. All drive like a car (honestly, I drive to the supermarket, chuck the groceries in the back and away we go!) very safe and easy to drive, park and reverse, and available in manual or automatic (with manual overdrive) transmissions. After an trek or competition, if you are tired or unable to drive, a friend or relative can take your horses home without the concern of an HT licnece.

The horse van fuel economy is fantastic - around 8ltrs to 100kms compared with a 4WD towing a horse float which is closer to 15ltrs to 100kms. Our horse vans have anti-lock brakes, air suspension, and a very low center of gravity giving both driver and horses a great ride.

There is NO side-to-side roll like motorhomes are prone to, as there is no over-sized luton to unbalance it, no one-piece ramp for bad distribution of weight, and the sides are in line with the wheel arch to ensure stability. Our current shape is not just designed to look good, but for optimum aerodynamics including the rear tail lift.

Unlike similar looking vehicles, the Horsepower NZ horse van range are built from scratch from the chassis up specifically to carry horses....they are NOT basic van or motorhome conversions, so you benefit from all the strength and security of a truck but in a vehicle which is more like a car to drive.