Horse vans and horse trucks built in the UK are considered world class, and Horsepower NZ were the first to introduce them to New Zealand. We provide a safe and stress-free alternative to horse floats and noisy gas guzzling horse trucks - quality, comfort, safety and style are all delivered when buying a Horsepower NZ horse van. Competitively priced car licence driven horse vans and we confidently guarantee superior after service and support.


Disturbing reports of sub-standard floors in horse vans sold here is very disconcerting. Horsepower NZ use a revolutionary surface called Coat-X, which fully seals the horse area ensuring no seepage or rotting below. A horse cannot physically breach this surface, which is also used on atomic submarines and military vehicles. Our focus on safety also extends to the tyres - replacing the original van tyres with commercial grade all-terraine tryes filled with PunctureSafe (reducing the likelihood of a blowout by about 95%). Add the air suspension we fit to the rear axel and you and your horses can have peace of mind and comfort while you drive.

Transport your horses in safety & comfort and you'll all enjoy the ride!

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